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Announcing our new website and more

Today we are switching over to our newly designed website. With this more modern and clean design, we are trying our best to improve and give you a better insight on how LowlandLions is doing. We hope you like our new website as much as we do.

As for our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, we are glad to announce Dion ‘FASHR’ Derksen as our new player. FASHR only has been playing CS:GO for two years, but he is gaining fame in the community at a fast rate. After playing for the Dutch national team, Team R4GE and Asterion, he will be representing our colors with his huge talent.

Since Overwatch is growing so fast in the eSports scene, we can’t stay behind and are proud to reveal our new roster for Overwatch as well. With multiple Call of Duty veterans coming together to conquer the Overwatch scene, we are certain that they will make us proud and achieve some great results under the LLL tag.

Our Overwatch line-up is as follows:

nl Joepoe - Tank 
nl Supreme - Tank
nl Qwerty - DPS
nl Alepov - DPS
be DAVYS - Support
be Jakkinho - Support

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