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ESL Benelux Championship Winter 2016 - week 4

Yesterday, our CS:GO team played their game versus Dutch Prodigy in the fourth week of the ESL Benelux Championship group stage.

It was a very close and tense game, with rounds going back and forth between the two teams on Overpass. Dutch Prodigy managed to work their way to match point, with 13-15 but after two round wins from our team, the game ended in a draw.

Unfortunately, if our team won the game, they would have been qualified for the finals of the championship. But nothing is lost yet, as there are still three weeks to go.

Fréderic "Monu" Dewever on the game and how he looks at the next few weeks:

“Yesterday’s match was more difficult than expected, the map didn't suit us since we've never played it before with this lineup and the opponent was well prepared. In the end we got a draw out of it when I felt we should have lost the game so we are not unhappy. We are convinced that we will qualify for the finals and we are aiming to win those.”

Next week, we will be playing against PROGRESSION on the 26th of October at 22:00 CEST. So stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all our latest updates!




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