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The return of a legend "NeverGiveUp"

With the recent release of FIFA 17, we are proud to announce that we have picked up Tony "NeverGiveUp" Kok as a new addition to our roster. Tony is a well-known player to us as he used to represent our colours for many years in the past.

Tony is known for his amazing skill level, becoming Dutch Champion in FIFA 12, 13 and 14, which he accomplished while wearing the LowLandLions jersey. It was a no-brainer when we heard that Tony was looking for an organisation to support him in his new journey.

Tony winning the FIFA 14 Dutch Championship:

He will be competing in the Benelux to once more show the FIFA scene who is the best. Besides playing in tournaments, Tony now also streams for entertainment on Twitch and has a Youtube channel with all kinds of FIFA videos uploaded weekly. Expect tips & tricks, vlogs, skilled plays and more from our newest player!

Twitch Youtube

Highlight of a FIFA stream with Tony:



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