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Guess who is back?

Guess who is back? That's right, Roy 'MBR" Sommeling is rejoining our Fighting roster. More specifically, he will be representing our colors in Street Fighter V. Together with our Smash Bros. Melee player, Jeapie, we are certain that the LLL.Fighting roster is as strong as before.

LLL.MBR brings a ton of experience to the arena. He has competed on the highest level for 8 years and in the last few years he was a true Lion. He wore our jersey during many top 8-finishes, as 5th in the Red Bull Kumite Open Qualifier - SF5 and even a 4th place in Street Fighter IV at DreamHack Summer 2015. We are proud to welcome such a veteran in our ranks.

Besides Fighting games, MBR aspires to become a professional Poker player and a psychology coach. 

Please give MBR a warm welcome and follow him on Facebook and Twitter to support him in his endeavours under our tag once again.


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