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Recap Avalon M-VI

The Summer is over and the Avalon series are back! Once every two months taking turns in the venue in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, there is going to be a Super Smash Bros. Wii U and a Super Smash Bros. Melee event. 

112 players attended singles, which is a good amount of players. The best of the Dutch attended along with Baxon and BeLia from France and Sixx and Lyrix from Germany. Everybody was expecting a Dutch top 4, but Sixx managed to get 2nd with his Link. Getting such a result with Link in Europe, or in general for that matter, is very rare.

LLL.Jeapie on this edition of Avalon:

"Even though it hurts me to see a German player who is not Ice invade the Dutch top like this, I am pleasantly surprised that even in 2016 it is still possible to compete at a high level with a low tier like Link. It's Däumling (Ice Climbers) all over again!"

Thanks to the TO's Marc and Remen for hosting yet another well ran Avalon with not only singles and doubles, but with an amateur bracket and crew match between Belgium's top 5 and up-and-coming Dutch players as well. Well done.

Team bracket + results (32 entries)

1. Adam + Zgetto
2. Amsah + Marc
3. Sixx + Lyrix
4. Baxon + SBF|BeLia
5. LLL.Jeapie + Avalancer
5. Jim Morrison + KasparV
7. JMYL + Stijn$
7. PureSkillz + PureEvil

Singles bracket + results (112 entries)

1. Amsah (Sheik)
2. Sixx (Link)
3. Zgetto (Fox)
4. Adam (Fox, Falco)
5. LLL.Jeapie (cpt. Falcon)
5. Avalancher (Yoshi)
7. Baxon (Falco)
7. Donald JP Trump (Falco)

Avalon M-VI Singles (Streamed by BYOController)
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