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Bryan: 3rd place FIFA 17 1v1 Online - Pro Players

Last Wednesday, our FIFA 17 player Bryan participated in the FIFA 17 Online 1vs1 on the PS4 organised by Pro Players. He finished 3rd place and won 25 euros.

Bryan got placed in group 4 which he won convincingly by winning all his matches and thus getting 9 points. After the group stages, he managed to get to the semifinal. He ended up against ECV Quinten. In the first half of the game, Bryan scored 2 goals. Quinten managed to get back in the second half and scored 4 goals, ending the semifinal with 4-2.

The tournament wasn’t over yet, as Bryan still had to play against Barry Rog to decide who was getting the 3rd place. With Bryan getting a 2-0 score over Barry Rog, he ended up in the 3rd place and winning 25 euros.

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