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4th Place for Jeapie on Dutchrank

On Saturday the 3rd of December, there was a big tournament in Alphen aan de Rijn in The Netherlands, called the Dutchrank E-sports Championships. The games at this event were Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

LLL.Jeapie competed in a 50-person capped Melee tournament. Jeapie, who is always looking to find that gap to a podium finish, came just 1 stock short. In the losers bracket, after a very very good set, Zgetto ended up eliminating the LowLandLions Melee player.

Jeapie with his thoughts on the tournament:

"With 41 entrees and only Dutch players attending, this tournament was looking like a 'not so special of an event', but it was! The best players from The Netherlands were all attending and since Amsah, Zgetto and Adam are travelling to the US on the 12th of December, this tournament was a good opportunity to see where they were standing.

Zgetto’s words after our set to me where: 'My heart was racing. Good set.'“

The result of the tournament ended as followed:

  1. Zgetto
  2. Amsah
  3. Adam
  4. LLL.Jeapie
  5. Stijn$
  6. Jim Morrison

This shows how close the skill levels are between the top 4 and that the level they are playing at is high. Thanks to OGD to sponsor this tournament.

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