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Hearthstone Recap: The Party 14

Last weekend our Hearthstone team consisting of maDe, Yurka, Liveon and Galaxios travelled to Eindhoven to attend The Party 14. The competition started Friday evening with 64 player bracket with 63 participants.

All of our players won the first match pretty convincingly and we were off to the second round. Yurka, Liveon and Galaxios won their second round, pro player maDe lost 2-3 in a very close match against Hagno. He had to play one more match in the lower bracket to advance to the second day and won that match 3-0.

The next day started with two very interesting matches, Yurka had to face Ruz3 Chinoize and Galaxios had to face mCon TBL4. Galaxios knew that his line-up was really favored against TBL4’s but even really favored matches are lost sometimes. His freeze mage went 0-3. In the meantime, Yurka was playing on stream and was so close to reverse sweeping Chinoize but lost 2-3. Both players had to fight their way through the lower bracket along with maDe. While the three lions were fighting through the lower bracket Liveon kept the Sodium chloride levels low by winning another match 3-0.

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After winning his first match in the loser’s bracket Yurka had to face his teammate maDe and after a close series Yurka prevailed which meant maDe was out of the tournament. Meanwhile Liveon showed everyone the power of aggressive decks on stream by beating Ti50 3-0 on stream and secured his spot in the top 6. Galaxios had to fight his way through the lower bracket, and after beating Kabooze and Ti5o he had to face his teammate Yurka for his spot at the top 6. At this point both players were both happy that two players of the team were already guaranteed a top 6 spot but neither the less both really wanted to win. In a very close series Galaxios took the series 3-2 and he was ready to face his next opponent. Liveon was playing his match for the top 4 again TBL4 but couldn’t find against the mCon player. Galaxios won yet another series and had to play TBL4 for the top 3 spots. Galaxios and TBL4 both knew Galaxios’ line-up was really favored and he took the match 3 to 0, which meant he already won 100 euros and some sweet ROCCAT gear!

This meant that the top 3 players were already known: Chinoize, Mitsuhide and Galaxios. Chinoize lost to his teammate so he had to face Galaxios on stream to defend his title and play for his last shot for the Alienware PC. After a very quick Druid game (JustDruidThings) Galaxios took the first game but was outclassed by Chinoize’s paladin in game 2. The next game proved to be the deciding game for this series and after taking multiple fatigue hits Galaxios was just a few damage short of killing Chinoize’s Renolock. This meant he had to win with both his control warrior and zoo warlock against the facehunter. The face hunter SMOrc’ed his way to victory and Chinoize won the game 3-1.

Youri “Galaxios” van der Zee:
I am very proud to get another top 3 finish at a big lan tournament. My hearthstone career started at The Party two years ago by getting second place and it feels great to be on that stage again. I would like to thank my teammates for all the support during the tournament, as well as my other practice partners mCon.Cilvyn, mCon.Reinier and Sytrax. Last of all I want to give a quick shout-out to Chinoize and Mitsuhide for providing a great place to sleep on Saturday and congratulations on second and first place!

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