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Recap: Shots Fired 2 with LLL Mr.R

Shots Fired 2, held in New Jersey, was a national Smash tournament that featured Smash 4, Melee, and Project M. Aside from the American top players such as Dabuz, Anti, M2K, Esam, and Tweek it also featured international players like Ally, Ranai, 9b and of course our own LLL Mr.R.

For doubles, Mr.R teamed up with Anti. This was only the second time Anti and Mr.R had teamed up after winning doubles at CEO 2015. WIth little to no trouble, Mr.R and Anti made it to Winner Finals, where they had to play against Ally and M2k. With a close 3-2 set count, the CEO champions took it over Ally and M2K. After winning loser finals, M2K and Ally got to grand finals where they played against Anti and Mr.R again. Unfortunately, Mr.R and Anti dropped 2 sets in grand finals and ended up placing 2nd.

Doubles results

  1. COG|Mew2King (Cloud) & Boreal|Ally (Mario)
  2. LLL|Mr. R (Sheik, Cloud) & ANTi (Mario, Fox, Cloud)
  3. Liquid|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus) & Tweek (Cloud)
  4. PG|MVD (Cloud) & PG|Esam (Pikachu)
  5. SS|Mr. E (Marth) & Dio (Cloud, Mario)
  6. Ranai (Villager) & SHI-G|9B (Bayonetta)

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The singles event started on Sunday and was set to be one of the most stacked tournaments to date. Due to some issues with the seeding, Mr.R had to play against Dabuz in round 2. Mr.R lost and got sent to losers. The competetion in losers was no joke either. Mr.R faced off and beat Salem, Anti, M2K, Dabuz, tweek and then finally got to grand finals where he played against Liquid Nairo. Mr.R managed to win the first set in a dominating fashion, but ended up losing the 2nd set, placing 2nd in the Singles event.

Singles results

  1. Liquid|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus)
  2. LLL|Mr. R (Sheik, Meta Knight)
  3. Tweek (Cloud)
  4. iQHQ|DaBuz (Rosalina & Luma)
  5. COG|Mew2King (Cloud)
  6. SHI-G|9B (Bayonetta)
  7. ANTi (Sheik, Mario)
  8. K9sBruce (Sheik)


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