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Recap: Frag O Matic 18.0 Egypt

Last weekend, our teams and players went to the small town of Wieze in Belgium to compete in the 18th edition of Frag O Matic. This time, two League of Legends teams, one CS:GO team, and five Hearthstone players were there to compete in the various competitions.

League of Legends

During FoM, we had two League teams attending: LLL Fire (consisting of YOshii, Higa, Conjo, Special, and Pridestalker) and LLL Ice with Lenny, Sigma, Night, Kitty and Wewillfailer. Both had their sights on first place in the 5v5 contest, but most of them also entered the one vs one tournament

During pools, both teams had an easy time, both going 3-0 without any issues. After that, they reached the bracket that started on Saturday, and after some changes in the bracket, those matches could finally start. The first matches were all best of one. LLL Ice won versus "Sector One Arrow" and LLL Fire won versus inVoked eSports. Next up, LLL Ice once again faced a Sector One team, and this time it was "Sector One Clover", which they also won. Meanwhile, LLL Fire was matched against a Belgium mix team called "Son na eun", which they also surpassed, making them meet up against eachother in the Winners Semi Finals. Ice won with a 2-0 victory over Fire, which dropped Fire into the lower brackets.

After that there was an miscommunication between organisations and FoM, which ended in LLL Ice forfeiting the upper bracket semi finals without playing a single game. During the lower bracket, run Mcon came up against LLL Ice and took them out in a best of one, which made them 4th place. After that, LLL Fire played against Mcon and came ahead with a 1-0, but threw away the second match and lost the third, making them end 3rd place with a 1-2 loss versus Mcon eSports.

Results Teams:
1st: ECVisualize
2nd: Mcon esports
3rd: LLL Ice
4th: LLL Fire

Results 1v1:
1st place: LLL.Special
2nd place: Nijntje
3rd place: Foton

fom LOL1v1

Counter Strike : Global Offensive

Our CS:GO team, consisted of Niko, Chr1Zz, CYTARO, and v1N had been heaviliy preparing for FoM. Sadly, due to unfortunate events, the team had to use a substitute player "Kajsk1ng" to fill in that fifth slot. LLL was placed in Poule C with EYEBALLERS, iV.FreezeTime, and LinuxFanclub. They won the matches 3-0 with a 48-7 rounds win-loss ratio.

During the bracket, all matches where best Of 3. The first two matches where versus iV Ad Victoriam and Amicitia Fortior, which where both won with a 2-0 score by LLL. After that, LLL was set to play against SD Gaming (Xillian, Radical3i, NexFox, Bernard and Ync), which was won with a 2-0 victory by LowLandLions.

Now LowLandLions met up with I Love Nana in the winners bracket finals. The matches were set to start at 2.00 am on Saturday night. The first map was Cobblestone, picked by I Love Nana. The match which ended in a 16-12 favor of I Love Nana. The second map was chosen bij LLL, which was Cache, and was won by LowLandLions 16-12. The third map was Dust2, which could have gone both ways, but ended in favor of I Love Nana with a 16-13 final score.

Now LowLandLions was put into the lower brackets where, they met up Mcon eSporst on Dust2. LowLandLions won the match with a 16-5 score. In the following match, they met up with heXagon in the lower bracket Semi Finals, which they won 16-12. The lower bracket winners final was between LLL and Norga, which was on LLL's favorite map; Cache. LowLandLions took down Norga 16-10.

In the Grand Finals they met up with I Love Nana again, and although the first map pick should have been LowLandLions', the compo admin decided to give this choice to I Love Nana, who chose Cobblestone. The first half of this match was completely in the hands of LowLandLions, going to their side 12-3. The second half of the map, I Love Nana adepted their playbook and got it back to a 14-12 score. Luckily, LowLandLions took back control of the map, ending in a score of16-12.

This put the score on a 1-1, due to the fact that I Love Nana came out of the upper brackets and the second map was LowLandLions' choice. Sadly, during this second match on Cache, things didn't quite go as planned. LLL started as T's and lost the first half 12-3. Once they joined the CT site, they lost the pistol round, which gave the opponents the upper hand. The final result was 16-3 for I Love Nana.

Results CS:GO 5v5:
1st place - I Love Nana (4x DeadPixels + 1)
2nd place - LowLandLions
3rd place - Norga (Monu, Stryker, Cruc1al, Sentinal and Flex0r)

fom csgo2nd


Friday evening was the day of the pool matches. Unfortunatly, LowlandLions lost Yurka during the poule fase, but Eindboad, Liveon, Galaxios, and maDe all made it through to the top 64. In the first round of the winner bracket, Liveon ended up going down to Ruz3.Wizzkidd and had to continue his tournament in the lower bracket. The next Lion to fall in the winner bracket was Galaxios. He went down 2-3 to the Yu-gi-oh champ of Belgium: Thoraya.

Unfortunatly the only remaining Lions, maDe and Eindboas, had to play against each other in the ro16 of the winner bracket. maDe came out victorious with a 3-1 score, only to go down in the quarterfinals to Ruz3.Stijn.

In the second round of the lower bracket, Galaxios went down and out of the tournament against Ruz3.Tenn. Luckily, Liveon avenged him in lower bracket round 3, by beating Ruz3.Tenn 2-0. In lower bracket round 5, fate once against paired 2 Lions against eachother. Again, Eindboas fell victim to a fellow lion: Liveon 2-0 over Eindboas.

Both maDe and Liveon also survived lower bracket round 6, which guaranteed 2 Lions in the top 8. Liveon ended up falling the next round to Thoraya. maDe continued his way through the lower bracket by beating Ruz3.Arneej, Darthmaul, and ONE.Rondels to make it to championship Sunday.

The lower bracket final was played on Sunday. maDe ended up beating ONE.denickke 3-1, which earned him a spot in the grand finals. In the grand finals, he managed to get revenge on Ruz3.Stijn, who sent him to the lower bracket earlier in the tournament. maDe had to win 2 sets, and Stijn had to win 1 set, because of winner bracket advantage. maDe managed to beat Stijn 4-2 in the first set.

The admin ruled that the next set would be a best of 5 set due to a heavily delayed schedule. This match also went to maDe with a 3-1 victory, making him the champion of Frag'o'matic 18.0!

1st Place - LLL Made
2nd Place - Ruz3 Stijn
3rd Place - ONE.Denickke

Liveon [Top 8]
Eindboas [Top 12]
Galaxios [Top 48]
Yurka [Top 128]

fom18 made 1stplace


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