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Jaap "Jeapie" van der Zee

Age 23
Nationality nl The Netherlands
Role Smash Melee / Falcon player

Falcon Hi, My name is Jaap van der Zee and I play Super Smash Bros. Melee competitively. In the Smashworld I am known as my alias Jeapie and since LowlandLions sponsored me I leveled up to LLL.Jeapie.

I am known as “ the entertainer” for my crowd pleasing stylish plays and as the best captain Falcon players in Europe. Being the crowd favorite is a great honour as such a fantastic feeling. I would say that there are 6 players in the Netherlands who can all beat each other. I am mostly ranked either 2nd/3rd on the dutch tier list and every tournament we play against each other we all get better.

I also play Project Melee in tournament. Which is basically a smash game with all the brawl charackters with melee mechanics.


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