July 17, 2020

The evolution of our content

LowLandLions isn’t just your home for local esports; we’re also a hub for some of the most interesting Dutch streamers in the Benelux.

With more than 2 million accounts streaming every month, Twitch is a highly competitive platform. But that’s from a global perspective. Things only get more complicated when streamers decide to stream in a language other than English.

It’s estimated that only .3 percent of the entire world speaks Dutch. For a Dutch streamer, that means that everyone is competing for the attention of a very small pool of viewers. Your stream has to be unique. Entertaining. Worthwhile.

Egbert is no stranger to the streamer grind. Having recently celebrated two years on Twitch, we asked him to reflect on his journey.

“I started streaming with the intention to make the stream feel like an edited video. Camera zooms, effects, editing— the works. People can even use their channel points to interact with the stream. When I started, there was a small group of 5-15 viewers, but when my YouTube channel took off, so did my streaming career. After 2 years I’m very fortunate to have almost made online content creation my full-time job!”

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