July 24, 2020

We flourish in competition

If you’re looking for a dominant force in the Benelux esports industry, you’ve found it. With more than 10 years of wins, teams and players under the LowLandLions banner have collectively earned more than $108.583,00 in prize money from 68 different tournaments.

Whether its the Kayzr League, ESL, or Gameforce Masters, our esports teams leave a mark on every tournament we touch. We know the local scene inside and out.

And it’s not just one team or one game leading the pack. Our League of Legends, CS:GO, Brawlstars, and Rainbow Six teams perform at the top of the rankings year after year.

We want to become the first professional esports team in the Benelux. Professional means, with esporters who work for us full-time and can live on that. We are aware that the Benelux as a region has a lot to catch up with the surrounding countries in this respect, but we are confident that this will succeed in the near future.


Our reach doesn’t stop there, though, no. When the tournaments are finished and the stage lights go down, our stream team is here to pick up the slack, playing all the top esports, AAA, and classic gaming titles. With more than 60 thousand combined viewers, the LLL streamers have something for everyone.

If you want to help make Benelux esports history with LowLandLions, shoot us a message. We’re always looking for new talent, in and out of game, as well as new partnership opportunities that will help us bring our very best to the area.