July 2, 2020

Growth, loyalty, and dedication.

We’re no stranger to talent— we were home to players like Zhergoth and Youngbuck, after all— and we know that good teams are more than just raw talent alone. We’re committed to maintaining our legacy, and that boils down to three things: 

The scene is growing, and so are we. As esports pushes the boundaries, establishing gaming scenes for new titles and platforms, we’re along for the ride. You can always expect us to be competing in staple games like LoL and CS:GO, but we’re also dabbling in the rising market of phone gaming with the smash-hit title Brawl Stars. 

Every team needs to be able to count on their organization to support them. That’s why we offer our players access to the best resources we can find, including experienced coaches and a sports psychologist. We believe that by fostering that kind of loyalty, players will know that we’re committed to their success. 

But none of this happens without the hard work of our coaches, managers, players, and community. Your dedication makes esports what it is, and that’s a legacy worth being part of.

You can participate in our community via social media using the links below. If you’ve got the skills and dedication to be part of the LowLandLions team, get in touch with us. 

We’re always looking for new talent, in and out of game.