August 8, 2020

We have to talk about.. mobile gaming

Listen, we understand, you’re hesitant. But if you’re not already gaming on your phone, you’re behind the curve. In 2019, mobile gaming generated $49 billion in revenue. That’s a whopping 60% of the total global video game market. Sixty Per Cent. We are talking 1.36 billion gamers that are playing, and you might want to be one of them.

Why? Because mobile gaming isn’t relegated to the Candy Crush fans anymore. The average smartphone has as much power as a low-end PC these days, and that’s all you need to play League of Legends at home. That much on-the-go power is wasted on apps like Facebook, and modern gamers are happy to cram in a mobile game of PUBG before their next marketing meeting.

Even the mobile esports scene is on the rise. The Arena of Valour franchise logged more than 72 million hours of viewer time in 2019. Their 2017 International Championship clocked 36 million online viewers, setting the standing record for the mobile industry. And those numbers are only rising as more gamers get comfy with this new way to play.

LowLandLions is already dipping our toes into the mobile gaming industry with our Brawl Stars pros. We’ve got an active in-game member base of more than 2000 mobile gamers, and we’re in the top 5 world-wide rankings when it comes to tournament results. But playing isn’t enough for us. We’re committed to the growth of the mobile scene, so LowLandLions has been organizing weekly and monthly Brawl Stars cups where players can win cash and hardware prizes.

Our streamer, SpanishYN streams exclusively mobile games such as Brawl Stars.

He also happens to be one of the many Brawl Stars players you can find via the new LowLandLions mobile app. 

What? You haven’t installed it yet? Let’s fix that. 

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