November 17, 2020

“Mom, I’m A Pro Gamer Now”

You just landed yourself your first gig as a pro gamer in the local esports scene.

The sector has been rising in value for years, and with everyone stuck inside, gaming is the centre of attention. Everyone knows that there’s a bright future for esports. Even Burger King gets it. So when you got the news that you were picked up for a team, you celebrated. You told everyone.

Except your family.

They spent your whole childhood trying to get you to game less, and now you need to tell them you’re going to be doubling down— and making some cash while you’re at it. You know it’s a great opportunity, but how are you going to tell them that?


It’s best to wait until supper time, when they’ve let their guard down. They’ll never suspect that you’re about to drop a bomb on them. Start simple. Mom, Dad, Gramps, I have a job. They’re going to to be thrilled. Their little baby, a successful working stiff. Tell them about the perks. It’s in a fast-growing, innovative industry with a bright future. You’ll work from home a lot, sometimes get to travel, and you’ll network and meet new people. A real thrill.

Wow, they’re going to say. But aren’t you studying accounting? Weird accountant job.

Now crush their dreams and tell them you’re playing professional Counter-Strike.

While they’re absorbing the shock from this lethal blow, explain the gig. You get paid a salary to practice playing and compete in local and international tournaments. And because you’re contracted to LLL you’ll keep 100% of your prize money and play with some of the best local talent. It’s going to skyrocket your career. You’ll be the next S1mple.

To which your mother will respond, the next who?

Now it’s time to bring out the Powerpoint presentation. Give them with the cold hard facts. S1mple is like the Micheal Jordan of shooting people in the face in video games. He’s made over €500,000 playing video games and someday, that’s going to be you. When they tell you that golf is different than games, you’ll remind them that MJ plays basketball, and then flip to the slide with that prove gaming to be a strategic, skilled-based sport.

At this point, your family should have admitted defeat by sheer exhaustion.

Your Grandmother asks if it’s like Pac Man.

You pass them your new weekly scrim schedule, the link to a Google Calendar with your competition dates, and demand that supper be served promptly at 17:00 in order to make it to practice on time. Your Father, on his second drink of the evening, says that at least this will be good motivation for you to get your license. This forces you to inform him that he is now a part-time chauffeur for you and your PC.

He gets another drink.

Congratulations! Your family is now a proud supporter of your career! Time to crack a Nalu and get to work.

No, but really. This could be you. Audition for a spot in the LowLandLions League of Legends and CS:GO teams and take your life to the next level.