December 22, 2020

Nieuwe samenwerking: Content Stadium

Social media is an essential part of the esports toolkit, especially in the local scene. If you follow our socials (and you should), you see the end product. But that image you look at and swipe away? It takes skill to design, format, and customize each one. It can take weeks to come up with new designs, then we spend tons of time tweaking photoshop layers for every new photo.

We’re done with that.

LowLandLions is now working in partnership with Content Stadium as the first esports brand under their label. They’re going to propel us past all these tedious creation issues so that we can produce simple, accessible content that keeps our fans up to date with games, events, and all the latest drama.

No more messing around with templates. Our new look— soon to be revealed on all our platforms— was created by their design team, just for us. All we need to do is plug in the text.

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New efforts like this are key to the future of esports. LLL and organizations like ours have gotten where we are today because of the volunteer efforts of our skilled community members. They’ve helped us build an industry from the ground up, sometimes they do it for nothing more than a thank you. We’re eternally grateful, but it’s time for the sector to stop leaning on our communities and to start investing in a new, polished social media future.

It’s also incredibly important to us that our staff’s energy goes where it belongs. Instead of fumbling with Photoshop layers until they work, we’re going to be using dropdown menus and schedulers to streamline the content creation process. The time saved will translate directly into what we can accomplish for our teams and our community.

And we get it. Maybe this doesn’t feel like a super exciting announcement, but it is. This partnership benefits you because we get to deliver the quality that our community deserves. The quality used by traditional sports teams and organizations around the world. We’re always striving to take Benelux esports to the next level, and as the pioneer esports team in Content Stadium’s portfolio, we’re excited to see where the future takes us.

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