July 11, 2020

Rebuilding A Legacy

Part of the thrill of competition is the challenge. Every year, every roster, our teams face new and exciting obstacles. If it’s too easy, it means you’re not pushing yourself far enough. 

The League of Legends team took out Dynasty in this week’s Dutch League match, and are sitting at third place in the standings. Week after week they’ve proven that they’ve got the drive to improve and overcome. Because it’s no mistake that these players are part of LowLandLions. 

When asked about how the LLL staff selected the team, coach Bjorn said, “It’s important that you select personalities and play styles that mesh well together. You need to find a good balance between leading carries and supportive players.”

Finding that balance takes time, and it’s something that we’ve watched develop during every Dutch League match since week one. 

Source: Dutch League

“Oftentimes we get ahead in early games and are able to establish a lead. But the problem is once we have that lead, we sometimes fail to close out, allowing our enemy to refocus and come back into the game.” 

Our LoL teams have a long history of pulling off epic results, and we’re confident that our players have what it takes. With only two more weeks of the Dutch League group stage to go, they’re ready to sink their claws in. 

Source: Liquipedia

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